Production Manufacturing


Production Manufacturing

Creating your own line of jewelry? The Fusion Jewelry Production Manufacturing division will partner with you to handle everything from concept and design to reproduction and order fulfillment.


Your Production Client Services Job Coordinator and designated CAD designer will work with you to develop designs with reproduction in mind. Together you’ll tackle the items most important to creating your production line:

CAD/CAM prototyping

Molding & precision reproductions




Hi-resolution prototypes are required for precision casting, molding and reproductions. When prototypes are not clean and crisp, imperfections become apparent in casting or, in the case of molding, are transferred to the mold and to all subsequent reproductions. Fusion Jewelry uses Envisiontec Perfactory 3 or 4 with hi-res polymers and advanced UV-cured materials for exceptionally crisp prototypes that are ready to mold and reproduce flawlessly with methods.